About Us

Digital Connection is a full-service digital agency for online advertising and digital marketing.

Our experience with many types of campaigns in different sectors allows us to share good practices and to combine the most relevant and effective channels to deliver brand messages in a world that’s becoming increasingly digitally-centric every day.

We aim to innovate, inspire and energize brand conversations, engagements and experiences throughout the many facets of the online world (Search Engines, Social Media, Mobile apps, Blogs, Video platforms etc.).

Digital Connection is a close partner with Media Club ,one of the leading traditional media agencies in Bulgaria (TV, Print, Out-of-Home, Radio). As a result of this strategic partnership, our clients can benefit from wider consultancy in the sphere of advertising investments and can have truly integrated media campaigns, both online and offline.

Our work.


Digital Strategy

Performance Advertising:
Google Ads, Facebook and other

Premium Advertising

Social Media Marketing,
Content Management & Influencers

Video Advertising –

Development & Design:
Websites, Ads and Mobile Apps