V-TAC is a global brand that offers its products in more than 70 countries! Our task since April 2017 is to maintain international communication on Facebook for 8 countries – Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Greece, and Ukraine.


Facebook is the leading social network in almost every European country. We started the communication by publishing posts in 8 languages in the different markets plus English. We use country-specific targeting.


In addition, in order to increase traffic to the V-TAC website (in all 9 languages), we regularly publish articles on LED lighting with a link to the website in the respective language. Thus, for a period of 3 years (April 2017 – May 2020) we reached 108,000 followers on the Facebook page, and the total reach of the campaign for all countries is 38% / 14 million users.


Period: April 2017 – May 2020
Reach of the campaign: 14 000 000
Coverage of the target audience: 38%
Facebook followers: 108 000