Simba Toys

The YouTube channel, which we created for Simba Toys’ campaigns, is developing extremely well, currently having more than 2.4k subscribers.


The toys „Masha and the Bear“ are part of the products, offered by the client. Our task was to create a campaign during the period of 1st of November-24th of December, to reach maximum number of followers of the popular series „Masha and the bear “on YouTube, while we had to work with low budget. For that purpose, we used In-Stream ads (before the beginning of each video / series of „Masha and the Bear“ and targeted through ”manual placements” all channels (official and unofficial) with content „Masha and the Bear“. We also implemented YouTube search keywords.


Throughout the campaign, 920,292 people saw the video and 1,778,898 impressions were achieved. Extremely high indicator for the YouTube campaign was the View rate 51.73%, which means that over half of the users who uploaded the video watched the ad of their own free will (without interrupting / missing) the ad!


Total % view rate: 51.73%
Total number of impressions: 1 778 898
Total number of views: 920 292